June 3, 2015 – Made a Watch Part Guardian Angel Pendant encased in resin.

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March 24/15: Just a few fun things I’ve made recently.

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Vacuum Tube Alien with pocket watch ruby eyes.


The Bubbling Waters of Time.

Bubbling Time

Watch movement locket.


Not a lot you can do with and not many usable parts on a digital watch, but I gave it a shot!


Feb. 10/15 – Spider! Size graduated pocketwatch base plates, a main spring, a watch movement and watch stems for legs.

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Spider - Post

Feb. 8/15 – Jack Skellington. Just messing around trying new things. Details had to be painted on using the tip of a pointy toothpick. Looks better in hand.

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Feb. 5/15 – I’m Back with a New Guitar!

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New Guitar

Dec. 6/14 – Not my usual fare, but a custom piece that I just finished. (U.S. quarter for scale).

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